Sunday, December 6, 2009

Healthful, Tasty, and Inspiring: Fix Me a Snack

091205_apple saucersEvery so often my pantry suddenly is overstuffed with packaged snacks: cereal bars and crackers and cookies and chips and so on, and yet no one can find anything they really want to eat.

Enter Fix Me a Snack, a great blog by mom-of-two Cindy that sets out to offer "a healthier approach to family-friendly snacks." It's a wonderful resource for getting out of a snack rut. My older son clicked through the site and picked a few he wanted to try: Apple Flying Saucers were an instant hit. My younger one is averse to nut butter, so yesterday we tried the saucers with the brilliantly simple Mud Dip, with chocolate disguising the taste of sunflower butter. (And toy aliens. But he still didn't go for it.) I'm also eyeing the Oatmeal Sundae, which just might wean my kids off their addiction to oatmeal with "dinosaur egg" candy.

But Fix Me a Snack goes far beyond just making healthy food cute. There are interesting recipes for crispies, muffins, puddings, balls, and more. There's even an alternative to Jell-O flavored with coconut water and pomegranate juice. You can find snacks that can be whipped up in 10 minutes or less and honor seasonal eating. Chocolate chips and whipped cream aren't banished, but are used in moderation alongside healthy stars. I'm all for healthy moderation.

Our biggest success has been the sweet potato fries. I've tackled these a dozen different ways, and they always ended up too mushy, too crispy, too flat-out burned. But these are perfect, and even my sweet-potato-hating, picky-eating husband likes them.

What are some of your family's favorite snacks?

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