Friday, May 7, 2010

Tips and Gadgets: What a mist!

This is the gift I chose for my mother – besides cooking a three-course meal when I visit her. And mom, if you are reading this, sorry to spoil the surprise! This bottle looks like a very sleek perfume mister, but it is actually... olive oil. I've been using mine for a couple of months no, and I can guarantee that it is by far one of the most-used gadget in my kitchen, besides pots and pans.

The first thing I love about it is the ability to use very little oil to coat anything I like to fry, grill, or broil. Normally I fill it with my favorite brand of extra-virgin olive oil, but sometimes I can go sophisticated and dress it up with some herbs or spices. 

There are other brands in the market, but this one caught my eye not just because of its shape but also because of its environmentally friendly characteristics. It's BPA-free and the pumping system is easy and efficient.

Talking about the environment, besides taking care of my family health,  here's a very good reason to opt out of deep-fry cooking, which I already did a long time ago. A friend brought me to attention last Earth Day that much of the oil pollution in the water is caused by cooking oil disposed in the sink. That inspired me post all about this little bottle: At the end of the day, with no excess of oil, you can even dare to prepare French fries with no harm to Mother Earth.  Or perhaps sweet potato fries in the oven, coated with a little mist from this magic bottle.

The asparagus in the picture is just waiting to be grilled with its mist, after being blanched, with some sea salt and garlic.

Here are some recipes that might benefit from the oil mister.
If you are willing to surprise your mom or your kids, this novelty is for you!
Darienne created this delicious thing and I will give it a try in the oven, using the mister to guarantee its crunchiness.
This is one of my favorite party foods and to avoid frying I ended up preparing them with the help of broiler.

Hope you can try one of them for yours or your Mother's Day. And look who came to make part of  the picture: Curious little black cat Juju, who is always interested
in my kitchen gadgets ... and camera! Happy Sunday!


    Beatriz Suassuna said...

    Hello my beloved daughter!
    I'm waiting for the wonderful scented olive oil and the gorgeous lunch with bated breath! We all had a great lunch today and thought about you and your wonderful family the whole time. It was like you were all here with us!

    Miss you,

    Anonymous said...

    Great posting, great photos. I especially enjoyed the one of the amazing cat Juju, and also the ones of the asparagus, absolutely inspiring. And it is wonderful to be informed of such useful gadgets, which enable us to make a healthier food. Thanks! Myrna

    Anonymous said...

    Esta é a garrafinha, Anna??? achei q fosse uma garrafinha normal, mas esta é LINDA... pena que não moro nos eua... :-(


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