Friday, February 11, 2011

For Your Valentine: Homemade Sweets

IMG_6015If heart-shaped boxes of chocolates aren't doing it for you, we dug up a few more decadent treats from our archives.

Ganache truffles are wonderfully rich, and simple to make. My favorite varieties include these floral notes from my garden, but you can easily tweak the recipes to add the flavors that make your loved ones go weak in the knees.

Homemade marshmallows are a little more complicated, but sweetly playful. A rose-kissed ganache tops these perfumed puffs of romance, and these sophisticated morsels combine chocolate with a splash of orange. If you really want to impress, marshmallow cake towers pile on the wow factor.

rose ganache

A few more ideas: Little ones might enjoy helping to make a custom box of chocolates using this easy recipe for fleur de sel bonbons; strawberry hearts and a swirl of jam make these cupcakes simply sweet; and for maximum decadence with minimum effort, it's hard to go wrong with panna cotta.

Have a lovely holiday!

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