Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sweets for St. Patrick's Day

CPE_Leprechaun Cookies_Mar2010

We're not just about green veggies around St. Patrick's Day: This trio of lightly sweet treats features brightly flavored mint.

110315_shamrockish1First up is one of my favorites: the Shamrock-ish Shake, a homespun variation on a certain fast-food restaurant's seasonal offering. Creamy milk, vanilla ice cream, and all-natural mint flavoring — plus a bit of spinach — make this a treat you can feel pretty good about. (I used to have a soft spot for the Official Major Chain's version, but the current incarnation looks — and tastes — like radioactive sludge. Even my sugar-crazed son pushed it away in disgust.)

The minty meringues pictured at top — we call them Leprechaun Cookies — are simple to make. They're mostly egg whites and sugar, an irresistible fat-free sweet.


Fresh mint is also spotlighted in smooth, silky Mint Chocolate Panna Cotta. You need to make it at least 8 hours ahead of time, and it's worth the wait.

And there's Anna's whimsical Leprechaun Cakes, a surprisingly delicious combination of avocado and kiwi in a baked treat perfect for lunch bags.

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