Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tips and Gadgets: Cindy's Cheese Crackers

The first batch of cheese crackers just came out of the oven. And it's almost finished. This posting is just to share with you this great recipe from Fix Me a Snack, by Cindy.
This Friday we had the ideal time to bake them.  One kid was at arts camp and the other here at  our own improvised baking camp. The little baker helped me to measure the flours, sprinkle the salt, stretch the dough. His review was simple when he had the first mini cracker: "Hmmm, Hmmm! Yum". The second one,  when arrived at home, who loves cheese crackers of all shapes and colors  just said: "These are the best in the world".

I am specially cautious when baking,  so I followed this recipe by the book. I just changed the salt and cheese types. I had kosher salt in my pantry and instead of Sharp Cheddar I used  Monterey Jack cheese. Also, I had fun doing them in another shape, and they turned just perfect, next time I will do the pastry more like paper thin. The whole process is so well written that even a impatient baker - like me- will do it with no trouble.  Thank you Cindy for sharing your cracker Nirvana!

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