Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Playdate Special: Coconut Frappé

There are two happy thoughts that always are in my mind when I think about motherhood: The first is to remember how my mom used to feed me. The second is the possibility of being a child again while taking care of my kids. Coconut Frappé brings me both of these feelings when I sip it . My mother used to prepare it in the hot summer of Rio, and I loved it. The simplicity of this recipe is exactly its beauty.
Last playdate I served for all kids: three out of fours enjoyed it, while one was not in the mood not to drink, or eat. Just play.
Mothers also enjoyed it. Darienne would add some cardamom to it, and I am still wondering what else I could add to it.
So, here's the beauty of a very simple drink that looks like milk, smells like summer and mainly makes everybody happy:

Silky Coconut Frappé
I also tried a second version with Almond Vanilla Milk, and loved it. So, if you have a lactose intolerant loved one, that's a good alternative. This recipe is for two cups of frappé.

1/2 cup coconut milk
1 cup 2% milk or Almond Milk (or rice dream, soy etc)
Sugar to taste
6 ice cubes
Shaved unsweetened coconut to garnish

In a blender, mix all in low speed. Serve cold in a tall glass, while the white foam is still there. If you don't have a electric blender, just use a cocktail shaker, but make sure to not strain it.


Darienne said...

This was so refreshing! Loved this.

Cindy Rowland said...

Sounds lovely!!!
I thought frappes had ice cream though. I'm really confused by cold blended drinks lately though. More of a personal problem.

Jennifer said...

This sounds so yummy! Are you using coconut milk from a can, or the (newer to me) coconut milk that you can purchase like dairy in the cooler section?
Can't wait to make it!

Anna said...

Hey Jennifer, I used the canned one from Trader Joe's. It is light, and has no preservatives or any weird stuff in it. I would love to see the one you mentioned, but it's not yet available yet where I hang around shopping. But I am sure that all will work fine. Can you believe I have a friend that does coconut milk from scratch : ) ?!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Anna - I've got that on my shelf (always), so we'll be having a frappe this afternoon for snack!


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