Monday, July 2, 2012

5 summer sippers

Summer time, and the living is easy... but hot. Really hot. When the mercury climbs, we reach for these delightful cool-down drinks. Some are for grownups (like cold-brewed iced coffee) and others are kid favorites (coconut frappé), and still others can be enjoyed as virgin or alcoholic drinks (strawberries and grapes cocktail).

This is one of our popular posts, and it may be the simplest. This cold-brewing method makes a wonderfully smooth-tasting cup of coffee. It tastes great iced or hot, and the concentrate lasts at least a week or two in the fridge.

This frosty tropical drink works just as well with soy or almond milk as it does with cow's milk, making it a versatile option for those with special diets.

Floral-infused syrup adds an intriguing note to classic lemonade. If lavender isn't your thing, you can substitute basil or mint.

A blend of ripe berries with milk — regular or almond — make an irresistible drink rich in healthy antioxidants.

This refreshing drink, dressed up with juniper berries and mint, is the perfect kid-friendly cocktail for a barbecue. For a grownup version, add some limoncello or gin.

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