Friday, June 7, 2013

Last-minute gifts to make for teachers

Some of our young friends are already out of school, but we have a few more days to go. This weekend we'll be making gifts for our teachers. My kids like to make treats for the real teacher's pets — one will get a jar of Good Dog, Bad Dog Biscuits, and the other a jar of tuna-catnip cat treats. As for our hardworking teachers, here are a few of our favorite gifts to give:


  • Meyer Lemon and Poppy Seed Mini Cakes: Muffins meet cake in these perfumed little treats.

  • Brigadeiros: Another slightly messy one, but messy stuff is usually the most fun. These delectable little candies disappear at parties — give a tray in little paper cups.

20101209_spiced nuts_1

  • Best Spiced Nuts: Garam masala and Sriracha give these irresistible nibbles a nice kick.

  • Citrus Salt: Put lemon, lime, and orange rinds to good use in a terrific finishing salt.


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