Thursday, September 2, 2010

Second Helping: More Than S'mores


100829_smores_9S'mores are a thing of beauty: warm marshmallow oozing over melting chocolate, held in place -- barely -- between two crisp graham crackers. Pure sugary heaven for a kid; as a grownup, however, I enjoy one and then I'm done.

But I fell in love with s'mores all over again thanks to my friend Melissa, who blew my mind with a full smorgasbord of s'mores options. Lemon meringue pie in s'more form was a revelation. And the peanut butter, banana and chocolate s'more sent me over the moon.

I can't believe I hadn't heard of these before. If you've been similarly deprived, I'm revealing all right here -- just in time for Labor Day cookouts!

CPE_Sept10_meringue smore

Lemon Meringue S'more

1 marshmallow
2 Lorna Doone shortbread cookies
1 spoonful lemon curd

Toast marshmallow over fire or grill. Spread lemon curd on one cookie, add toasted marshmallow, then top with second cookie.

Fluffernutter S'more

Use any of the following toppings that make you happy. All of them in one s'more made me very, very happy.

1 marshmallow
2 Nutter Butter cookies
2 slices banana
1 square Hershey chocolate bar

Toast marshmallow over fire or grill. Put banana slices on one cookie, add chocolate square, then toasted marshmallow, then top with second cookie.

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