Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine inspiration

I always look forward to making valentines with my kids — until we're a quarter of the way done and I remember my kids don't like glitter and glue nearly as much as I do.

We're starting on our collective 50-plus valentines this weekend. If you're looking for some inspiration, I rounded up some of my favorite simple, boy-friendly designs on Pinterest — click on over to check them out.

Two of my favorites:

Lines Across showcases a simple stamp made with craft foam strips for creating cross-hatch designs. It's a brilliant way to quickly decorate a lot of paper real estate. And it's versatile — when you're done with valentines, put it to work on other projects. Love the whale she features in the same post.

And this lovely template at Inchmark is a sweet way to encourage kids to make thoughtful valentines without a lot of work: Use a line-drawing portrait template kids can customize for each friend.

See all my favorites at Pinterest!

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