Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vote for us in the Parents magazine awards!

We’re honored and delighted today to share some big news: Cook Play Explore has been nominated as one of the best blogs of the year at Parents magazine!

We’re especially humbled to find ourselves in such excellent company vying for top honors among blogs “Most Likely to Help You Achieve a Personal Goal.”

Thank you for reading along and sharing in our successes, experiments, and challenges. We’d appreciate your support over at Parents magazine this month, where you can vote once a day, every day, through Feb. 24. If you enjoy what you see here, click here to cast a vote for Cook Play Explore:

Parents Blog Award Finalist

(If you've had trouble voting with your mobile device, the link should work properly now!)

Be sure to check out all the nominees this year. I've discovered some fantastic blogs through these awards in the past (that's how I found the charming Made by Joel and the delicious Annie's Eats).

We are especially happy with our category. When new acquaintances ask about the blog, Anna and I usually fall back on the simplest explanation: It’s about preparing and enjoying food with the whole family.

But we really are about more than that, and we’re so glad we resonate with readers as a motivational resource. We aren’t — and never will be! — super moms, but we’re always trying to find ways to do a little better.

We write about our own goals: to coax children to try new tastes, to serve healthier fare, to preserve our sanity in the kitchen, to seize opportunities to turn ordinary dishes into something extraordinary, and especially to nurture playfulness in the kitchen. Thanks for joining us!

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