Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snack attack

Here's something I realized recently: My two boys, who are portrayed by the youngest in this little design above, are apparently genetically programmed to be skinny. They are always complaining that there's very little time to eat their snack at school. By midmorning they are very hungry, and it looks that they need extra fuel. It's also a time when they would be rather playing than eating.

As I tried to use every opportunity to give them something healthy to eat, other than empty nutrition calories, I decided to go with the idea of packing lots of nutrition into one small snack.

And it's working. Their level of energy is increasing and I don't have to be concerned about them not eating well. By lunch time they are not so furiously hungry, and are able to enjoy some fruit and a very healthy sandwich packed with protein and vegetables.

Here are some nutrition-packed recipes and ideas I've been working with, with some success:

Little Monsters Granola Bars
Make a batch and pack them for one day of the week. Boys developed a label for them. Sweet brothers : )

Flax Seed Banana Bread
I use this recipe and I top the bread with pecans or walnuts, and sometimes homemade granola.

Reindeer Cookies
You can always add more to it. It will even hold some bananas and even more nuts or dry fruits.

Homemade Hummus
Besides what the original recipe suggest, I also add some pine nuts for extra nutrition.

Spring Pea Spread
Darienne's recipe is good-looking and it goes well with toasted whole grain bread.

Banana Bon Bons
This recipe is foolproof and kids always give ravewww.cook reviews about it when we use it to the Cooking Club.

Whole Wheat Ginger Scones
Some kids love the ginger in it. A great recipe by Darienne.

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Myrna said...

Your creativity is endless, at the service of good mothering! I will try the Little Monsters bar for myself, for my snacks at long rehearsals! Thank you!


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